Sustainable Supply Chain

Fees: Free or Heavily Subsidised
Delivery: Online
NFQ: 9
Date: 25th January 2023
Duration: 36 lecture hours over 12 weeks
  • Overview

    The aim of the module is to underpin the importance of developing sustainable solutions at all levels of the supply chain from product design to delivery whilst covering the below topics.

    The Concept of Sustainability; The Science of Sustainability; International Conventions and Protocols, Regulatory Frameworks.

    Sustainability and the Consumer
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Economic versus Philanthropic view; Consumer Awareness; The Role of Marketing in Sustainability; Consumer perceptions, Ethics; Supply Chain Risk; Supply Chain Cost, Sustainable product design, Reuse/Recycle/Remanufacture, Cradle to Cradle concepts

    Green Logistics
    Modes of Transport and Carbon Footprint; Green Logistics; Freight Transport; Emerging Legislative Frameworks;

    Sustainable Manufacturing
    Manufacturing in the Supply Chain; Energy Provision and Consumption; Cleaner Production; Waste Disposal; Waste Reduction; Sustainable Product Design; Packaging; Green Procurement

    Sustainable Warehousing
    Warehousing and Distribution; Sustainability in Warehousing; Reverse Logistics; Recycling, Re-use and remanufacture

    Sustainable Supply Chains
    Monitoring compliance with Legislation; Measuring Environmental Impact; Reporting Environmental Impact to Consumers; Green SCOR; Environmental Metrics Aggregation; Emerging Standards and Concepts, Triple bottom line reporting.


  • Who is it for?

    The certificate is aimed at those learners who have an interest and either academic or practical experience in strategic management and wish to expand and take this knowledge to an advanced stage of understanding applied to a business context.

  • Progression

    Graduates of the certificate can progress to the Master of Business in Executive Leadership.