Organisational Change

Fees: Free or heavily subsidised
Delivery: Online - 2 nights per week (Mondays and Thursdays) over 6 weeks
NFQ: 8
Course Dates: 6th November 2023 - 14th December 2023
Assessment: Module assessment: 50% Continuous Assessment 50% Online Exam
  • Overview

    Change is constant, yet the methods organisations have used to transform their companies tend to work only if the processes are led effectively towards organisational change and development. Learners will focus on understanding the theoretical underpinning of change strategies as well as ability to diagnose forces of and barriers to change and to exercise practical applications of change interventions.

    Learners will develop awareness on forces of change, the typical barriers to change that exist in organisations and of the variety of strategies that can be employed to actively diagnose and manage change.

    This programme introduces learners to the following:

    Management Structures and Management in Action- Develop an understanding organisational culture, organisational structures, organisational dilemmas, the role of leadership within companies.

    Sustaining Organisational Effectiveness- Identify blocks to problem solving and change, choices and organisational environments towards the development of  the innovative organisation.

    Diagnosing Change-  Understand the creation of acceptance, efficiency and effectiveness measurement, the change equation.

    Managing Change-  Establishing a sense of urgency, creating the guiding coalition, developing & communicating a change vision and strategy, empowering employees, consolidating gains and producing more change towards anchoring new approaches in the culture

    Organisation Development- Learn about theory and management of Organisational Development in designing the organisation of the future.

  • Who is it for?

    The programme is designed for those seeking to develop skills and design research methodologies and implementing findings into optimising user experience in an innovative organisation.

  • Progression

    Graduates of the certificate can progress to the Higher Diploma in Business in Innovative Data Generation, Analytics and Management.