Legal Framework and EDI

Fees: Free or heavily subsidised
Delivery: Online
NFQ Level: 8
Delivery Dates: 15/01/2024 - 22/04/2024
Duration: 12-weeks
  • Overview

    This programme introduces learners to the following:

    • The Employment Equality Act: This module introduces the laws pertaining to EDI in Ireland, specifically the Employment Equality Act which prohibits discrimination on nine grounds including with regard to access to employment, conditions of employment, work experience, and promotion.
    • The Equal Status Act: understand the importance of this act, its relevance to EDI and application to business outlawing discrimination in the access to goods and the provision of services.
    • Assessing Legal Requirements: examining GDPR and international regulations regarding confidentiality, ethnic background and all other sensitive information, and a current legislation regarding confidentiality.
    • Implementing Ethical Data Handling: an introduction to the sensitive and practical management of data in business sector
  • Who is it for?

    The programme is designed for those seeking a better understanding of the current EDI law and protected characteristics in Ireland, assess its implementation and make positive changes which reflect good practice in an innovative organisation.

  • Progression

    Graduates of the certificate can progress to the Higher Diploma in Business in EDI.