Data Analytics for Business

Fees: Free or Heavily subsidised
Delivery: Online - Delivered 2 nights per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) over a 6-week period
NFQ: 8
Course Dates: 6th November 2023 - 13th December 2023
  • Overview

    The aim of this certificate is to provide learners with an understanding of the leadership tools and skills required in successfully leading and implementing change in an innovative organisation.

    This programme introduces learners to the following:

    Relational databases- develop an understanding of the operation of relational databases incorporating ethical considerations in handling data as well as addressing data protection & GDPR legislation.

    Data extraction- introduction to querying databases with SQL to extract data in transforming data into information and finally knowledge.

    Access & interrogate public datasets- introduction to public data set extraction in provision of context and enriching internal organisation datasets.

    Large scale data processing- introduction to data processing concepts and implementation, scalable approaches to processing large amounts of data and examining data warehouses and data lakes.

    Extended data processing tools- Investigation of big table implementations across a variety of widely used systems and platforms.

    Business data visualisation- Introduction to the theories underpinning data visualization, best practice in using visualizations effectively, and practical skills in creating visualizations from both internal and external datasets.

  • Who is it for?

    The programme is designed for those seeking a better understanding of data analytics and its application towards underpinning and driving business decision in organising and managing the an innovative organisation.

  • Progression

    Graduates of the certificate can progress to the Higher Diploma in Business in Innovative Data Generation, Analytics and Management.