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Institute of Technology Carlow has a heritage of excellence in delivering applied and industry focused education in the South East of Ireland for over half a century.
The Institute works closely with Industry (across many sectors) to develop learning content which is both applied and Industry focused.

Heritage of Excellence, Collaboration and Agility

Institute of Technology Carlow has an exceptionally strong Lifelong Learning (LLL) and Extended Campus offering increasing delivery flexibility.
Ongoing collaborations with the Defence Forces, and Irish Aviation Authority amongst other bodies to develop and deliver bespoke training and education programmes. In addition to this INC and Institute of Technology are closely connected to industry and understand the need for agility and responsiveness in course development and delivery. To date we have developed a range of bespoke courses (from Masterclass to Level 9 certificates) in response to industry demand and emerging trends.


The INC Industry Led Approach to Course Development

INC in partnership with industry partners is developing cost effective targeted and niche education programmes for Insurance / FS professionals (in areas not covered by the respective representative bodies). There are a number of supports available for companies who want to interact with us on this pillar of our work.

The approach to the development of our education offering has two streams:
1. The first is aimed at equipping Data Scientists to work in the area of insurance.
2. The second stream is focused on upskilling current insurance & Financial Services company employees in the discipline of Data Science / Data Analytics and other areas identified by our industry partners.

In Q2 2020 the development of the Level 9 10 ECTS Credit “Insurance (Life and General) for Data Scientists” special purpose award was completed.

Data Science courses for Insurance & Financial Services professionals

In relation to the development of Data Science courses for Insurance & Financial Services professionals there are 3, 10 ECTS Credit, Level 8 courses (Course info sheets attached) were also developed and recently validated, specifically these were:
1. Data Science (Statistics) for Insurance and Financial Services Data Science Statistics Info Sheet 2020
2. Data Science (Analytics and Algorithms) for Insurance and Financial Services Data Science (Analytics and Algorithms) Info Sheet 2020
3. Data Visualisation and Insights for Insurance and Financial Services Data Science (Data Visualisation & Insights) Info Sheet 2020

See for more (see pages 38, 95 and 96)

For 2020 Wexford Chamber Skillnet have generously offered to co-fund these three courses with 50% Funding reducing the course fee from €390 to €195 per certificate.

We can offer courses from a broad range of disciplines from Equality, Diversion and Inclusion to Design Thinking and general Business disciplines.

We offer these courses in a flexible, granular and blended manner leveraging the resources of the Faculty of Lifelong Learning (who have extensive track record in industry collaboration and delivery).

With the generous support of Wexford Chamber Skillnet we have delivered Masterclasses on Change Management, Positive Wellbeing and Unconscious Bias for Insurance and Financial services sector companies.

Tech Education

INC is developing Insurance focused content built on the enormously successful Msc in Data Science to ensure that graduates have work ready skills and strong Insurance domain knowledge that will immediately add value to Insurance operations. The MSc Data Science Programme has a strong relevance for the Insurance Sector with approximately 40 graduates per year.
Undergraduate programmes in Software & Games Development, and Cyber Security are also highly applicable for the Insurance sector. There are opportunities to engage with Institute of Technology Carlow on Internship, Placement and Graduate Recruitment from these and all other programmes, as well as collaboration on funded Masters level research and short student projects.


The Government’s Human Capital Initiative and Springboard Funding programmes offer generous supports (up to 90% funding) for certain courses for the purpose of upskilling employees.
Institute of Technology Carlow works closely with the Regional Skills fora to develop courses aligned with Industry requirements based on establishing a skills gap in a particular firm or sector, and can expedite the development and validation of such courses meaning the lifecycle from the identification of that need to the delivery of the course with significant State assistance is reduced.

If you have any query in relation to the INC education offering or would like to discuss the development or delivery of a bespoke course for your company or industry let me know.

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