About Insurtech

The Insurtech Network Centre DAC or INC launched in 2018 is an initiative of South East Technological University (SETU) Carlow and supported by Enterprise Ireland under the Government Regional Enterprise Development Fund.

SETU Carlow identified the Insurance sector as offering significant potential with which to collaborate and bring to bear the Education and Research and Development resources of the Institute, as well as providing an Innovation platform for established Insurance firms to work with Insurtech startups.

Our Mission

Insurance is a significant employer in the South East Region with circa 1,500 people directly employed in the sector by a mixture of indigenous and multinational SME and corporate insurers.

The Strategic mission of the INC is the creation of sustainable high value employment in the South East and beyond by enabling the formation of an Insurance cluster: facilitating the founding of new firms, as well as the expansion of existing companies and the attracting foreign direct investment.

INC has forged strong links with these firms and acts as a broker and facilitator of Insurance innovation both Regionally and Nationally.

With increasing change and uncertainty the need for Innovation in Insurance is essential to gain and sustain a competitive advantage has never been greater. Explore how INC can help whether an established (Re)Insurer, Broker, MGA or Insurtech Startup using the links below.

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