Bespoke Education Solutions

The challenges for the sector are numerous from navigating a path forward through unprecedented times of COVID, Brexit and increasing competition along with emerging trends of new approaches to underwriting, delivery, customer service leading to increased requirement for employee upskilling.

In addition developing the workplace of the future means dealing with remote, disparate workforce and managing, data, workflows and team structures and dynamics in this environment. We at CIRDAS are here to help navigate these challenges to future proof your business through bespoke upskilling and reskilling education solutions.

Education partner of choice

At CIRDAS through HEA funding we aim to become the education partner of choice for the insurance sector by actively engaging and developing relationships with the insurance sector towards delivery of bespoke education solutions in an innovative and agile manner to build the workplace of the future.

This is achieved in a number of ways through our offerings of:

  1. Masterclass,
  2. Accredited education  programmes & certificates and
  3. Workshops

We seek to provide our solutions in a flexible manner that best fits around the demands of busy work lives via blended learning and evening time delivery.

Have a topic or course your interested in and would like to cover in a masterclass, module or workshop then get in touch in with us here:

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CIRDAS ‘Great minds like a think’ masterclass series

Our masterclass series titled ‘Great minds like a think’ will engage with the industry and offer opportunities to learn and share as well as network amongst fellow professionals.

Masterclasses are delivered by a mixture of academic experts and industry experts drawn from the insurance, insurtech and fintech spaces who give their insight from the benefit of their experiences to those in attendance.

Masterclasses FAQ

  • What topics do the masterclasses cover?

    The masterclasses will cover a broad range of topics affecting the insurance & financial services sector under four broad headings of:
    1. Data Science,
    2. Business thinking and
    3. Design thinking.
    4. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

    Previous topics have included:
    1. Building CRISP DM framework,
    2. Unconscious Bias in the workplace,
    3. Usage based insurance platform challenges & opportunities.
    The content of the masterclass series is open for suggestion and we invite you to contact us with suggestions.

  • How often will the masterclasses run?

    The masterclasses will run at least once a month with registration in advance essential for gaining access and guaranteeing your place in the class.

    The masterclasses are typically 50 minutes long with a 10-15 minute Q & A session with the masterclass speaker afterwards.

  • Where can we sign up for masterclasses?

    You will need to register for each event on a link that will be available through our registraiton link for each masterclass. Details of which will be communicated in our monthly newsletters (signup below).

  • How much will it cost?

    Attendance at masterclasses is free, just be sure to register prior to each masterclass to be granted access to the class.

  • Are masterclasses available to view online?

    The majority of masterclasses will be broadcast via Zoom, MS Teams and Blackboard Collaborate.
    Where possible masterclasses will be recorded and available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

CIRDAS education modules & programmes

CIRDAS offers bespoke education solutions for the insurance & financial services sector with innovative and agile solutions available and delivered in flexible terms built around the learners needs.

Our offering allows for elements of tailoring on content using business specific case issues where volunteered by firms making our education solutions immediately applicable for learners and also span multiple locations within the South East Technological University (SETU) Carlow and Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Letterkenny campuses.

Education modules & programmes FAQs

  • What can we study?

    CIRDAS offers bespoke modules and programmes for the insurance & financial services sector in the broad discipline areas of Data Science, Business thinking, design thinking and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

  • Where can we study?
  • When are classes delivered?

    Flexible timetabling where possible to suit students working commitments, classes are primarily delivered in the evening times with day time delivery also accomodated where possible.

  • How much will it cost?

    Once you have identified the module that meets your requirements you will be enrolled at either SETU Carlow or ATU Letterkenny campuses.

    As part of the CIRDAS initiative the first module undertaken at least will be fully funded with costs of follow on modules towards the achievement of major award to be confirmed by each institution thereafter once student numbers are confirmed.

  • Who will lecture us?

    Lectures will be given by a mixture of academics and industry professionals in the most suitable format for our learners from our extensive panel of approved lecturers.

  • What education programmes are available?

    There is a wide range of courses availabe for students across two campuses for delivery in either either SETU Carlow or ATU Letterkenny in the areas of Data Science, Business thinking, design thinking and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

    Courses may be tailored to your sectoral needs with the insertion of data or business specific problems into modules in order to make the module/programme immediately applicable for learners.

    Don't see the course you were looking for then please get in touch with us here.

CIRDAS workshops

The workshops will be short focused educational programs which will aim to introduce participants to practical skills, techniques or ideas which can be immediately applicable to their working lives. The workshops aim is that everything learned is grounded in practical and immediate application.

A comfortable learning environment will be created by your facilitators where you’ll feel safe to voice ideas, experiment and to make mistakes.

Workshops FAQs

  • How do the workshops work?

    The workshops will explore topics under the broad discipline areas of: data science, business thinking and design thinking.

    Workshops will usually have between 6 and 15 participants and can involve people within the same department or company and will provide an intensive educational experience where time and resources may not be available to participants for longer training.

    Active involvement of participants is strongly encouraged to facilitate peer to peer learning and gain the maximum from the most from the workshop exerience.

  • Where are the workshops available?

    The workshops will take part in our state of the art facilities available to the CIRDAS project at either IT Carlow or Letterkenny IT campuses.

  • Who will facilitate the workshops?

    The workshops are facilitated by our world-class team of educators and seasoned industry practitioners where learning is achieved by doing and interaction with peers.

  • How long will the workshop last?

    Depdendent upon the scope and topic under consideration, workshops can last from an hour up to a full day.

  • How much will the workshops cost?

    Under CIRDAS once you have identified a topic that meets your requirements you will be enrolled at either IT Carlow or Letterkenny Institute of Technology campuses.

    The workshops will benefit from a substantial element of subsidy towards the cost of the workshop.

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