Masterclass Series: Introductory Guide to Demystifying Data

Insurance at IT Carlow is delighted to present a series of eight Data online masterclasses  developed and delivered by the the vastly experienced quantitative analyst, CTO and co founder Dr Mick Cooney of Describe Data.

This practical and impactful Masterclass Series will provide participants with a clear understanding clear understanding of the virtues of simplicity, the difference between risk and uncertainty, the power and perils of statistics, intersection of data & organisational culture,  machine learning and artificial intelligence , data don’t do’s and building a data mindset.

NOTE: The series of eight masterclasses is free to attend but attendees must register your interest to gain access to the class. The masterclass series is run on a drop in and drop out basis, but attendees must attend six of eight sessions and complete a very short exit questionnaire to attain a Certificate of Completion.

Register your interest here.

Masterclass Schedule

Session 1- May 12th 2022 – 12:30pm-1.30pm

Introduction – Data Starting Out

Introduction to high level concepts, covering the basics of what we will do and the overall ideas.

Session 2- May 19th 2022 – 12:30pm-1.30pm

The Virtues of Simplicity

The complexity of keeping things simple. How to keep things simple, not to be wowed by ‘sophisticated’ analysis.

Session 3- May 26th 2022 – 12:30pm-1.30pm

Risk, Uncertainty and Knowledge

Do you know the difference between risk and uncertainty? Different types of uncertainty, how to deal with it, how to think about it.

Session 4- June 2nd 2022 – 12:30pm-1.30pm

The Power and Perils of Statistics

Can you spot an ‘invisible gorilla’ in data? How statistics can be used for good and evil. Lies, damned lies and statistics. Some history stuff also.

Session 5- June 9th 2022 – 12:30pm-1.30pm

Data in Your Organisation

Data and the organisation – an intersection with culture. Getting started with data, how to break out of existing BAU – Not Invented Here and “But We Always Did this way’, the importance of culture.

Session 6-June 16th 2022 – 12:30pm-1.30pm

ML, and AI and Data, Oh My!

Explain the basic concepts of more recent technologies, what they can and cannot do – spotting nonsense, how it can and cannot help within and organisation.

Session 7- June 23rd 2022 – 12:30pm-1.30pm

Deary Me! Data Don’t Do’s

Data fails. Some ‘anti-patterns’ to avoid, typical red flags that get seen.

Session 8- June 30th 2022 – 12:30pm-1.30pm

Building a Data Mindset & Starting Your Journey

Where do I start? How to think about using data better within an organisation, how to start a project, control the risk, setting realistic expectations.

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