Training & Education

Working closely with a diverse range of sectors South East Technological University Carlow together with our higher education institute (HEI) partner Atlantic Atlantic Technological University Letterkenny (ATU) both have a heritage of excellence in delivering applied and industry focused education solutions in Ireland for over half a century.

Heritage of Excellence, Innovation and Agility

South East Technological University Carlow (SETU) together with our higher education institute (HEI) partner Atlantic Technological University Letterkenny (ATU) both have an exceptionally strong Lifelong Learning (LLL) and extended campuses offering flexible delivery around you.

Ongoing collaborations with the Defence Forces, and Irish Aviation Authority, An Cosan amongst other bodies to develop and deliver bespoke training and education programmes.

In addition to this Insurance at Carlow is closely connected to industry and understand the need for agility and responsiveness in course development and delivery.

To date we have developed a range of bespoke courses (from Masterclass/workshops to Level 9 major awards) in response to industry demand and emerging trends.

Insurance at SETU Carlow Industry Led Approach to Course Development

In working with industry partners, we develop cost effective, targeted and niche education programmes for Insurance / Financial services professionals in areas not covered by the respective representative or regulatory bodies.

Insurance at SETU Carlow offers subsidised educational offerings from a broad range of disciplines from Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to general Business disciplines drawn from 3 delivery pillars of:

  1. Data science,
  2. Design thinking and
  3. Business thinking.

The approach to the development of our education offering has two streams:

  1. The first is aimed at equipping those with existing qualifications such as in Data Science to work in the area of insurance.
  2. The second stream is focused on upskilling current insurance & Financial Services company employees in other areas identified by our industry partners such as in data science.

We offer these courses in a flexible, granular and blended manner leveraging the resources of the Faculty of Lifelong Learning (who have extensive track record in industry collaboration and delivery) as well as our own network within industry.

The Government’s Human Capital Initiative offers generous supports for courses for the purpose of upskilling employees.

SETU Carlow & ATU Letterkenny work closely with the regional skills for a to develop courses aligned with industry requirements and can expedite the development and validation of such courses meaning the lifecycle from the identification of that need to delivery of subsidised courses is reduced.


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