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21st January 2022

Founded in 2007, DriverFocus has helped more than 100 leading Irish and UK businesses avoid harm and losses through the use of technology and best-practice risk management. DriverFocus have been shortlisted for the prestigious Brake Fleet Safety Product Award, delivered numerous presentations and briefings to various industry bodies, collaborated in HSA and RSA hosted seminars amongst other milestones.

Their focus is to help clients in three areas:

  1. Safety – Prevent collisions and harm
  2. Efficiency – Improve insights and reduce losses
  3. Compliance – Automate reporting and increase sustainability.

To help businesses protect their people and avoid losses, they developed innovative IoT, app and cloud-based solutions and collaborated with best-in-class technology partners such as Bosch, Alert Driving and Samsara.

They work with clients who want to promote a safe driving culture, utilising various driver supports that help avoid harm, deliver measurable value and show duty-of-care compliance. A recent case study on their ALLY solution for SCL, a Dublin based fleet customer demonstrate the powerful potential and savings from their offering. ALLY is a pioneering mobile telematics app developed in Ireland

DriverFocus also have the AVERT offering a mobile-first, “virtual manager” that offers a new and easy way for Irish SMEs with cars or vans, to protect their staff, the environment and lower costs. With insurance transforming from “repair and replace” to “predict and prevent”, AVERT is a timely service combining best-practice fleet safety and proven mobile telematics.

For SMEs, features and benefits of AVERT include:

  • Reducing motor insurance costs
  • Reducing collision risk by 20% to 60%
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 5%

For more information on the DriverFocus offering reach please do not hesitate to contact me and/or visit

If you would like to find out more about on how Insurtech solutions could add value to your operation please do not hesitate to contact the Insurtech Network Centre on or 087 761 8574.

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