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1st April 2020

In a timely offering, Servisbot are offering FREE call deflection Bot to help shift inbound calls to Messaging or Live Chat. One of their customers, flooded by inbound calls to customer service concerning their travel insurance policies and what was covered due to COVID-19 related changes in travel, built and launched a call deflection bot to help shift customers from long phone queues to a chatbot (with live chat) and help answer questions.

The bot was built, integrated and launched in 2 days and has led to an immediate 40% movement of inbound calls to a messaging/live chat channel.

How it works:

  • Customer calls customer service line and is presented with a menu option to try their new messaging service if they don’t want to wait on hold
  • If they select the option, and enter their mobile number, an SMS is sent to their mobile with a link to their existing customer service bot who helps guide them to COVID-19 answers or direct them to an FAQ page on their website.
  • If the customer needs additional help, the conversation could be escalated to live chat, and a ticket is automatically created in ZenDesk.

Servisbot are offering a free trial of a call deflection bot to qualified businesses to help ease the burden facing call centres during this crisis.

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